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Advanced Lead Auditor Training Course.

An advanced Auditor training course designed to improve auditor competence and enhance the practical audit management and team leadership skills of those required to plan, manage and undertake audits in a broad range of organisations.

Organisations in todays complex commercial environment require highly competent auditors equipped with the necessary skills to undertake meaningful and effective audits across a wide range of activities and involving a variety of specialisms. Auditors are required therefore to not only possess the appropriate technical competence but also to have the necessary interpersonal qualities and the ability to plan and execute audits within a range of domains, to lead teams of auditors and to undertake searching and in-depth audits in challenging environments and situations. Additionally, management will have often embraced the need to implement more cost-effective process management and improvement techniques in pursuit of organizational excellence and often in response to regulatory requirements and hence auditors will also need to be able to operate in the domain of management systems improvement and business excellence.

This practical and participative five day course is designed to supplement the standard range of auditor training courses, including ISO 9001 based Lead Auditor training, and sets out to enhance the skills of those managing and undertaking audits in a broad range of organisations, in particular focusing on team leadership skills. It is provided in support of Management Systems and regulatory compliance with national and international requirements, and the desire of organizations to obtain the maximum benefit from auditing in the pro-active pursuit of organizational improvement.