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Understanding the complexities of ISO 9001.

Recognised as the solid foundation of a quality management system, many organisations have used the principles and associated disciplines within ISO 9001 to facilitate the development of a management system that enables them to not only better satisfy customer requirements and expectations but also to improve business efficiency and drive improvement throughout their organisations.

This two-day course sets out to uncover the mysteries surrounding this international standard, explaining the fundamental requirements contained within it together with the benefits of voluntary formal certification. This course aims to provide participants with the information necessary to enable them to develop and implement an ISO 9001 based quality management system, or make practical use of some of the ISO 9001 important processes.

All members of the management team will benefit from attendance at this course. In recognition that the adoption of ISO 9001, in full or in part, is a business strategy and requires the full commitment and participation of the senior management team, senior managers will also benefit from attendance.