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Managing the Compliance Monitoring Audit Process.

It is important to ensure that compliance monitoring in relation to aviation related activities is carefully planned and managed in order to provide adequate and meaningful information to the senior management team and in particular the Accountable Manager and to ensure the adequacy of both correction and corrective actions in response to compliance monitoring audit findings. This one-day course focuses on the effective management of a Compliance Monitoring Audit process that will serve the needs of the business as well as satisfying regulatory expectations.

The course is not specific to any one part of the aviation industry and will be of particular benefit to quality/safety managers, compliance monitoring managers and regulators who wish to have a better understanding of the effective management of a compliance monitoring process. Senior Managers and Accountable Managers will also benefit from attending this course and appreciating how they need to be in full control of their compliance monitoring process for it to effectively serve their needs and provide them with the necessary assurance of compliance with both regulations and their own management system.