Aviation / Aerospace training courses

Root Cause Analysis.

An aviation industry specific two-day workshop specifically designed for those who need to manage, undertake or understand how to conduct effective root cause analysis in response to identified problems, findings revealed by internal compliance monitoring & auditing activities, and issues raised by regulatory oversight.

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the RCA process together with training in relation to the use of a selection of tools and techniques used as an integral part of a Root Cause Analysis & problem-solving activity. These techniques may be used as an integral part of the response to audit & compliance monitoring activities, reported nonconformities, customer complaints, regulatory oversight findings etc. supporting the achievement of operational and business objectives. The workshop is highly participative, and promotes a problem-solving methodology and a range of techniques that will be of benefit to those who need to ensure the adequacy of response to reported management system and operational deficiencies.

This workshop will be of benefit to Industry & Regulatory staff who need to promote or become actively involved with undertaking root cause analysis within their organisation.