Aviation / Aerospace training courses

Auditing Techniques.

A five-day course specifically designed for those who need to manage and undertake effective auditing activities within an organization, as part of the compliance monitoring process, external to the organization, such as assessments / audits of potential or existing suppliers / contractors, audits of partner organisations, code share arrangements etc. The course is also designed to provide comprehensive training for regulatory auditors who need to undertake both initial and on-going oversight of organisations as part of a formal approval / certification process, making use of risk based auditing techniques. The course has been running for many years, is highly participative, and promotes auditing practices that have become the benchmark in the industry. It is used as a training vehicle for new oversight staff by a number of competent authorities.

Designed in support of EU aviation regulations and utilising practical auditing / role play activities as an integral part of the training process.

This course will be of particular benefit to those who need to undertake comprehensive compliance monitoring activities, audits as part of the supplier management process. The course is of particular benefit to regulatory oversight staff and those who need to understand the regulatory oversight process.