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Regulatory Oversight & Auditing.

It is now well recognised that auditing is an important part of a full regulatory oversight process. Regulatory authorities need to utilize auditing techniques as a means of obtaining evidence of regulatory compliance and to assist in the initial and continued approval of organisations. The course is highly participative, and promotes auditing practices that have become the benchmark in the industry.

This five day course is specifically designed to provide regulators with a sufficient understanding of the principles and practice of auditing to enable them to develop auditing processes to suit a broad range of regulatory auditing activities in relation to Aerodromes, Flight Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, Design & Production organisations, Training organisations, Air Traffic Control service provision, etc. undertaken by individuals or multi- disciplinary teams, and to provide them with the necessary tools and techniques to plan and undertake individual regulatory auditing activities that verify process effectiveness.

The course covers the principles and practice of conducting a full review of an organisation for regulatory compliance together with the use of auditing to verify effective implementation of the management system adopted by the organisation to ensure continued compliance. The course revolves around a case study organisation that requires formal approval following which it is necessary for the regulatory authority to construct an ongoing audit oversight programme. It is based on European Aviation regulations, and takes into full consideration the guidance in relation to the conduct of Regulatory Oversight provided by ICAO and the adoption of risk based audit approaches.

Regulatory staff who are responsible for planning and managing oversight activities will benefit from attendance at this course, together with those responsible for undertaking and managing any form of regulatory audit.