Aviation / Aerospace training courses

Aerodrome Auditing Techniques.

An industry specific three-day course specifically designed for those who need to manage and undertake effective auditing activities in airport environments, including contracted airport support functions, and who need to understand and implement best practice auditing techniques suited to the complexities of the aerodrome environment. The course is highly participative, and promotes auditing practices that have become the benchmark in the industry.

The course recognises and responds to the unique airport environment where there are several different regulators concerned with their own specific requirements (Aviation safety, Occupational Health & Safety, Security, Environmental Pollution etc.) and the importance of a well-managed internal audit process to provide adequate assurance of compliance to senior management The course considers auditing as an important process that needs to be designed and managed to provide the Accountable Manager with meaningful information confirming regulatory compliance as well as process effectiveness and implementation of corporate policy. It addresses auditor competence, the programming of audits, planning of individual audits, auditing techniques, the reporting of audit findings, the corrective action & audit close out mechanism, and periodic review of the quality and safety management system. Designed in support of Reg (EU) 139/2014 and Annex 14, and utilising practical auditing activities as an integral part of the training process.

This course will be of particular benefit to Senior Aerodrome Managers, and Aerodrome staff tasked with managing and/or undertaking compliance monitoring auditing activities across aerodrome operations.

[A five day variant, including supervised practical aerodrome auditing activities, is available for In-company presentation]