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We have been assisting organisations with the development and implementation of their management systems together with supportive training since 1991, developing long term relationships with many.

Our policy is to assist and guide the development of an organizational specific management system rather than simply present a standardized ‘one size fits all’ solution. Management systems expertise relate to safety, quality, environmental, health & safety and the integration thereof.

Our training courses include those relating to the specific management system itself together with a range of auditing courses designed to enable an organization to take full control of its audit process, undertake supplier/contractor assessment and surveillance, and, for those such as external regulators to undertake full assessments of an organisations management system against recognized national/international standards and regulatory requirements.
In particular we provide a range of leading aviation related training courses based around EU aviation regulations, utilizing our well proven methodologies which facilitate rapid achievement of in-depth audit and compliance monitoring in support of the achievement of aviation safety.

Support and training courses are provided on a fully international basis, with public training courses provided through partner organisations using our own team of highly experienced and competent trainers

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The Training Team...

Nigel Bauer & Associates trainers are all well experienced in relation to the subject matter and have many years of experience in the provision of fully participative and interactive training courses. A feature of our training and the approaches adopted by our trainers is the continuous involvement of training course participants with a good deal of practical activities designed to facilitate the learning process.

Our trainers have experience in Quality, Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems, together with application in a diverse range of organisations ranging from design and manufacturing through to purely service provision. All team members have held senior positions in organisations, including those in the aviation industry and associated aviation Regulatory Authorities such as the UK Civil Aviation Authority. They are well used to operating internationally and training courses have been provided throughout Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, Australasia, North Africa, and the Caribbean. Aviation experience relates to Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, Aerodromes, Air Traffic Control and Training organisations.

Our training team have considerable experience in relation to the aviation industry and associated EU regulations as developed by the European Aviation Agency relating to directly to Airworthiness, Flight Operations, Flight Crew Training, Aerodromes, Air Traffic Control, Unmanned Air Vehicles, etc. and the practical undertaking of initial and on-going oversight as undertaken by the competent authorities.

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